Can you imagine ?

Can you imagine what it must be like to walk with God as Adam did ? To be filled with a sense of awe and wonder. To share with Him your hopes and dreams. To listen to His voice and heart . To see Him look at you with love and pride as a Father does.

Can you imagine walking with Him as He leads you by the hand. To feel the excitement in the air as you walk beside Him, wondering what He has in store for you. To hear His loving voice as He says: ”Son , there is someone I want you to meet.”

And as you look at this most precious creature , this crown of creation,  He whispers in your ear :”Go ahead……..   she’s the one.”

How I wish I could experience that. How I wish He could lead me to her and whisper in my ear :”She is the one.”

I wanted to pray to God and ask Him to give me the girl of my dreams. But then I realized that I do not have a girl of my dreams. Just a vague dream of what it could be like.


I will pray to God and ask Him to give me the Girl of His dreams for me.

And maybe , one day, I will hear Him say :”Son , I want you to meet someone” and whisper in my ear: “Go ahead, she’s the one”

4 thoughts on “Can you imagine ?

  1. Her name happens to be Mary – but given her past experience, she might just say “NO” this time around …

  2. Jislaaik en Skielik praat almal Brits met my. Nee vrek , ek sal maar volgende keer weer in Afrikaans skryf , anders word ek later daarvan verdink dat ek Ingels is.

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