n Skaamtelose cope en paste.

Maar tog iets wat ek belangrik genoeg geag het om te kom deel. Het dit gister erens in my omswerwinge op die web raakgeloop.

6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6
God is in it.
Your life, the situations you face. The things you are hopeful of… the things you are fearful of.

He may not have created the scenarios that we live in, some are due to our choices and the choices of others, but He is there. He is working to bring about the healing and restoration that He initiated at the beginning of your time here on earth.
He will not stop, He will not give in, or give up. His heart is for the good of our hearts… we are the ones that usually are the governor (limiting part) in the process. We give into fear, hopelessness, anger, distrust.. just to name a few.

The whole time He is asking “Will you just trust Me in this? Will you walk with Me? I know your hurts, I know your sorrow, I know your fears and wounds, and My heart aches for you. Will you step out in faith with Me?”

And so we are left with the choice that we need to make. Will we walk in faith with Him?

It is a choice we will need to make over and over and over as the world, the enemy, our past, current circumstances, etc.. assault our hearts telling us “you cannot trust the heart of God” or “you need to control this….”

And oh is it hard sometimes.. it feels so vulnerable and risky… but it is where our hearts need to go.

Will you go? There is no real plan B here my friend, if you are like me I have tried all the other plans, and this is the Way.

Will you walk the Way? Will you be confident of what He is doing in your life?
Step out….

Have a blessed day,
Goodheart Ministries