The thing with ships is..

‘The interesting thing about ships is that the captains of ships have to be very careful when two ships are close together at sea, particularly in calm conditions. They tend to collide.’

‘Because of the wind blowing, and that?’ said Glenda,

‘No,’ said Nutt. ‘In fact, to put it simply, each ship shields the other ship from lateral waves on one side, so by small increments outside forces bring them together without their realizing it.’

Glenda cleared her throat again. ‘This thing with the ships…Does it happen quite quickly?’

‘It starts quite slowly, but it’s quite quick towards the end,’ said Nutt.  – Terry Pratchett. Unseen Academicals


Hierdie gaan vir niemand sin maak nie. Vrek ! dit maak nie eers vir my sin nie. Maar dis al wat ek nou gaan post. Ek sit seker al vir 10 minute en staar na die skerm.  Ek is deurmekaar. Ek is onseker. Ek is verward. Ek weet nie wat om te sê nie. So vir nou gat ek maar niks meer sê nie.

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