The secret of a wing

Good evening sir, how can help you ?

Good evening Mavis, Please can I have a two piece chicken and chips and a large pops.

Certainly sir that will be fifty rand ninety.

Good grief ! how much is pops these days ?, I say while handing over the money.

Thirty rand sir.

Yikes !, Last time I have bought pops it was nineteen rand.

Yes sir, everything is going up. Even bread now days is expensive.

Yes Mavis , that is true. I hope you are giving me nice pieces.

Of course sir. Let me show you.

Well at least you did not give me a wing. There is so little meat on a wing.

Yes sir , I gave you nice pieces. But there is a secret to a wing. Did you know that sir ?

No Mavis, I didn’t. What is the secret ?

It’s a piece of chicken sir…


I take my fifty rands worth of chicken and walk out quietly.  As Mavis says. Even bread is expensive these days. And even a wing is still    a     piece     of      chicken.